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Australian Mother Of Twins Avoids Questions About Her Babies By Putting Answers On Stroller (Photos)

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A mother in Australia was so tired of answering the same questions over and over about her twin daughters that she took it upon herself to answer them in advance — by writing the answers down and displaying them on the babies’ stroller. 

“I really wanted to leave these signs on the pram today. As a twin mum, you get asked a series of questions/hear a series of statements every time you go out,” 26-year-old Annie Nolan wrote alongside a photo of her daughters in their stroller, with a list of answers displayed in front of them.

“I know most people are coming from a great place and are just curious, however many can be quite intrusive and after a while it's just plain exhausting. And since I was heading into the city, I knew the questions would be coming thick and fast... but I chickened out on the train and took them off! P.S- it is a joke people.”

The two signs placed in front of Nolan’s daughters each included a series of answers to questions that the blogger said she was asked all too often.

“Yes, they are mine. Yes, they are twins. Yes, both girls. No, not identical. Yes, I know they look alike though. Yes, I'm sure they aren't identical,” one of the signs read.

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“Conceived by f------. Born via C-section. You have twins in your family? *great*. They don't run in my family ... until now. Yes, my hands are full (sometimes with two glasses of wine just to get through). Yes, triplets would be harder,” the other said. 

Nolan said she had the idea for the signs the night before, after spending time with other mothers of twins and joking about the number of similar questions they’d been asked regarding their children. 

“My kids are honestly my favorite topic of conversation, my friends must be so sick of me talking about them, so the signs weren't me saying that I don't want to talk to people about my kids, I love it,” she told Daily Mail Australia. 

“I wrote the questions just as a tongue-in-cheek way to list the most common ones I get, you can almost predict the ones that people will ask — although sometimes people are way too cheeky in what they think they should ask. Ninetey percent of the time people who stop me are just lovely and genuinely want to talk to me about my children, but sometimes I feel like a broken record.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Uncannyannieblog/Instagram


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