Australian Man Finds Huge Spider Beneath Car Door Handle (Video)

Australians are used to dealing with spiders and insects that, to many living in other countries, are considered monstrous in size. But one man showed just how far he had to go in order to simply drive his car without getting bitten by a potentially dangerous arachnid.

A video clip that has more than 340,000 views on YouTube shows the moment the man suspects there is something furry hiding out beneath his car door handle and takes action. While filming the incident, he sprays an aerosol under the handle and yells, "Get out you b****!" 

For a minute, it doesn't seem like there is anything lurking beneath the handle. The, suddenly, one long leg dangles out, and then another. A few seconds later, the large spider drops from the handle and falls to the ground.

It isn't known whether the spider was poisonous, but Australia is home to the world's most dangerous spiders, including the Sydney funnel-web and Redback spider.

Source: Mirror/Photo Credit: mrpbps/Flickr, YouTube


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