Australian Goanna Lizard Swallows Rabbit In Under One Minute (Video)


A goanna lizard has been caught on tape eating a whole rabbit in Australia.

The horrifying clip (below) shows an Australian goanna lizard climbing near the top of a high wooden pole while gorging on the bunny, the New York Daily News reports.

After swinging the rabbit back and forth, the lizard manages to swallow its catch whole in under one minute.

Found throughout Australia, excluding the island of Tasmania, goannas can measure up to 8 feet in length and prey on animals like mice and insects. They also eat dead animals and are attracted to the smell of rotten meat, the Daily Mail notes.

According to Aboriginal mythology, goannas can unhinge their lower jaws for large bites. 

The video, originally posted to YouTube by Dee W, starts out with a message: “Goanna swallows rabbit, some people may find this video a bit disturbing, but it’s only nature.”

Some commenters wondered how in the world the rabbit got on top of the pole. “Goanna 1, Easter Bunny 0,” one user joked.

Check out the footage here:

Sources: New York Daily NewsDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Dee W/YouTube


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