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Watch: Motionless Kangaroos Stare Down Australian Cyclist (Video)

A nervous Australian cyclist recently caught an eerie sight on video (below) when he rode through a field full of stoic kangaroos staring him down.

Ben Vezina was pedaling through Hawkstowe Park in South Morang, near Melbourne, Australia, when he witnessed the unusual and somewhat unsettling sight, according to the Daily Mail.

"Oh my god," he whispers in the video, which was uploaded Sunday, watching the group of curious kangaroos. "Instead of a zombie apocalypse, it's a f***ing kangaroo..."

He continues biking through the field, while the motionless kangaroos evaluate him in a sinister manner.

"This has been a really unnerving experience," he says, perhaps wondering if the giant animals are planning something.

"I'm kind of terrified, I'm going to be honest, I'm a little terrified," he says, as several kangaroos hop away.

"Sorry guys," he adds.

The eastern grey kangaroo, seen in the video, is very shy with humans but very social amongst themselves and can usually be found in large groups, such as the mob that Vezina came across, according to the Daily Mail. They usually stick together for the safety in numbers, since they are better able to spot predators and other threats this way.

While the large creatures can grow up to 7 and a half feet from head to tail and weigh almost 210 pounds, they typically do not bother humans unless provoked.

That being said, the video description raises a few questions. It says:

"I am Ben, and we certainly aren't kangaroos. We uploaded this cool video showing the safety of cyclist Ben who is safe and unharmed. Kangaroos are nice animals who don't gather like hordes and attack people, they coexist with people and never attack them. This video is proof. More cyclists and pedestrians should come ALONE to Hawkstowe Park...

"We promise Ben is safe and we kangaroos don't know how to type, even if there is lots of blood on the phone."

Sources: Daily Mail, Youtube
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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