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Aurora, Illinois Bans Alcohol Sales To People On 'Habitual Drunkard' List

The police department in Aurora, Illinois, is going to start compiling a "habitual drunkard" list to cut down on public drunkenness.

The Aurora City Council recently approved the list as part of a revision to the city's liquor laws.

The people on the list will not be allowed to buy booze in the city, and local businesses will be expected to enforce the list, notes Montgomery Patch.

Aurora Police Sgt. Tom McNamara told the Aurora Beacon-News that the list would include people whom police and fire personnel have to pick up six times or more within a 120-day period of time.

"[The list] is so businesses will be informed of who the biggest offenders are," McNamara added.

Sources: Aurora Beacon-News via Chicago Tribune, Montgomery Patch / Photo Credit: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Collection/Wikimedia


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