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Atlanta Woman Captures Incredible Act Of Kindness On Camera (Photos)

A woman in Atlanta, Georgia, was in the right place at the right time, as she was able to witness a restaurant employee help an elderly man cross the street and capture some photos on her phone.

Reports say that Erin Ruszkowski was sitting in her car last week playing a game on her phone when she noticed an elderly man struggling to cross the street. Ruszkowski, who is nine months pregnant, was waiting for her husband and spotted the older man trying to get to the other side of the street near Johnny’s New York Style Pizza.

At that moment, an employee inside the pizza restaurant noticed the man and quickly ran outside to assist him.

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“The employee stops, looks at him, runs out and asked, ‘Are you OK? Would you like some help?’ Literally gave his hand and they slowly walked across the street,” Ruszkowski explained. “They got inside and he took him straight to a table. He was smiling and patting him on the back the entire time.”

Ruszkowski says that it warmed her heart to see that act of kindness and inspired her to do good for someone else.

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“I’ve been so distracted by all the stories on the news today about hate and everyone bashing each other and you kind of forget that, for the most part, people are good,” the soon-to-be-mom explained. “Race is a big issue these days. That worker didn’t see a white man, he saw a man who needed his help.”

WSB-TV says they reached out to the restaurant in the hopes of identifying the employee in the photos.

Sources: WSB-TV, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Photo Source: WSB-TV


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