Astronaut Dissolves Antacid With Water In Space (Video)

A new video (below) released by NASA shows astronaut Terry Virts dissolving an antacid tablet with water inside the International Space Station where there is microgravity.

According to NASA's YouTube page, the amazing video was shot with a camera that can film at a resolution that is four times stronger than the picture of a normal high-definition camera.

In the video, microgravity and surface tension enable the water to keep its orb-like shape and not dissolve everywhere, notes Mashable.

Rodney Grubbs, program manager for NASA's imagery experts program, said in a statement, "This is a huge leap in camera technology for spaceflight."

"These cameras have large sensors capable of very high resolution imaging at high frame rates," Grubbs added.

Frames are pictures in a video that capture an object (per second) and provide a clearer image.

Sources: Mashable, NASA / Photo Credit: NASA Screenshot


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