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Asian Customer Confronts Manager Of Cafe After Waitress Refers To Him As 'Chino' On Receipt

An Asian-American man was having breakfast at a cafe in New York last week. When he got his receipt, he was shocked at what was written on it.

The man, who gave his name only as Warren, had just ordered a breakfast burrito and a smoothie at Golden Pear Cafe in East Hampton. When he glanced at his receipt, he noticed that his waitress, Karina, wrote something else in the space usually reserved for the customer’s name. She wrote “Chino,” East Hampton Patch reported.

Warren immediately confronted the manager, Christina, who he claims “confiscated his copy of the receipt and tried to defend Karina instead of offering a genuine apology.” When he spoke to Karina about the receipt, Warren said she also tried to defend herself.

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“Neither Christina nor Karina believed Karina had done anything wrong, and that was a huge cause of concern for me,” Warren said. “Karina and Christina both said they write racial descriptions on receipts to describe customers ‘all the time.’”

Warren took a photo of the receipt before Christina confiscated it. He sent the photo to Angry Asian Man blog and expressed his disappointment with the cafe.

“The employees at Golden Pear Cafe clearly do not know how to interact with people from different backgrounds and feel empowered to demean and discriminate against Asian American clientele,” Warren added.

Golden Pear Cafe has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Sources: East Hampton Patch, Angry Asian Man Blog / Photo credit: Angry Asian Man Blog


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