Artist Walks In Snow All Day To Create This Amazing Picture Of A Dragon (Photos)


Everybody loves the feeling of making fresh footprints in the snow. I’m sure most people have even tried to write their name in the show with their footprints.

One artist took that idea to a new extreme and the results will leave you with your mouth wide open.

Artist Simon Beck has a unique way of making art. He treks through sand and snow for hours to create his masterpieces. 

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Simon’s latest is a giant picture of a dragon he created in the snow neat Yakutsk, Siberia. The piece was created for the movie ‘Drakony.’

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The artist spent an entire day walking around in special snow shoes and the end result is unbelievable. He says that next he’ll be preparing the fire for the dragon’s mouth.

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According to Simon, this piece took extra long as the first piece was rejected because he used “a bit too much artistic license.”

More of Simon’s work can be found in his new book, titled Snow Art.

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Sources: MetroYahoo News

Photo Credit: Metro

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