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Arsenio Mcleod's Message To Parents About Publicly Shaming Their Children Goes Viral (Video)

The Internet is littered with videos of parents publicly shaming their children as a way to punish them for bad behavior. But one father decided to do something different, yet incredible.

According to The Blaze, in a short clip (below), 26-year-old Arsenio Mcleod is seen disciplining his son on camera, but he stops and excuses his son. He then proceeds to deliver a message to parents.

“I won’t ever in my life, ever, humiliate my own DNA … on his social media network,” Mcleod said. “I’ve seen a lot of people do that and it actually made me cry.”

He added: “Humiliation can cause  suicide and depression. C’mon, I’m 26 and I know better than that! I do not respect that.”

Mcleod goes on to say that parents should punish their children in private, and they should not film it and post it online.

“We live in a society now where people want to record how they discipline their child,” he concluded. “What goes on at home, should stay at home.”

The Free Thought Project reports that, according to Psychology Today, the negative consequences linked to shaming children are supported by scientific studies:

Shaming and humiliating children is emotionally abusive. It is not ok to smack children physically or with words. Young people deserve and are entitled to reach out, attach and bond with their caretakers. It is an expectation that the parent will provide safety, protection, acceptance, understanding and empathy. When this does happen, children grow up knowing their worth and demanding respect from others and themselves. When children are emotionally or psychologically abused, they grow up feeling unloved, unwanted, and fearful. Normal development is interrupted and it sends the wounded child into exile. This is when negative internal messages are developed and why we have so many adults today feeling ‘not good enough.’

Sources: The Blaze, Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: Screenshot via MikeKnowsBest/YouTube, Arsenio Mcleod/Facebook


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