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Report: Armed School Cop Called On Girl Over Dress Code (Video)

An armed school police officer was reportedly called on a female student at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina, after she violated the dress code on May 17 (video below).

The student, Summer Bond, wore a green shirt that exposed her collarbone and rested off the tops of her shoulders, reports WCNC.

Summer told the news station that the principal, Michelle Cline, approached her in the cafeteria about the shirt, and asked her to cover up with a jacket; Summer said she put on a friend's jacket.

Summer recalled: "I pulled it up, pulled the jacket over it, zipped up the jacket."

According to Summer, Cline told her to go change her clothes in another room.

According to the senior, she has had run-ins with Cline before, so her mom, Jeanette Hunter, told school administrators to call her before taking disciplinary action against her daughter.

Summer stated: "I said, 'I apologize, but I can't go anywhere with you unless my mom is on the phone.'"

Summer said that neither she nor Cline were able to reach Hunter by phone. Summer then walked with several friends to an auditorium for the next class period, but Cline reportedly ordered everyone out except for Summer. That's when an armed school resource police officer (SRO) reportedly joined the scene.

"Officer Elwood was within five feet of me, he had his hand on his gun," Summer recalled. "[The principal] said 'I'm gonna give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt, or we will arrest you.'"

At that point, Cline told the school resource officer to arrest her, according to Summer, but before he did, Hunter called back.

Summer was given a 10-day suspension for "insubordination," and told not to attend any senior activities, including her own graduation.

Summer has a full scholarship to a major university -- a scholarship which is now in jeopardy: "A full ride means so much, and that is on the line right now."

According to Summer, Cline may expel her, but Hunter plans to appeal.

"It's just sad because I worked so hard for four years to walk across that stage," Summer said. "We have drug dealers walking across that stage, we have sex offenders walking across that stage and then the 4.4 student who showed her shoulders can't."

The school system spokesperson gave the news station the school's dress code, which bans off-the-shoulder shirts.

Summer's lawyer, Ken Harris, told BuzzFeed News: "Students typically have the right or ability to comply concerning any violations of the dress code. And if they comply, there typically would be no punishment."

Ronnye Boone, the director of communications for Cabarrus County Schools system, told the news site that they were "not at liberty to discuss students or students' discipline."

"There are different levels of offenses in the Cabarrus County Schools system, and we don't think she violated any level of her responsibility according to the school system's rules," Harris added. "She complied immediately with the principal."

Sources: WCNC, BuzzFeed News / Photo credit: Mkrieger95/Wikimedia Commons

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