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Arizona Coyotes Fan Slams Glendale, Arizona Officials For Dropping Team (Video)

The Glendale, Arizona, City Council voted 5-2 on Wednesday to end its 15-year lease with the Arizona Coyotes hockey team even though it's been less than two years since the contract was signed by the city.

The Coyotes are preparing to sue the city for $200 million, but the city claims it can defend its position based on an alleged conflict of interest by a former city employee who went to work for the Coyotes after helping to make the deal on behalf of the city, noted The Arizona Republic.

Coyotes fans scolded Mayor Jerry Weiers and the City Council for their decision on Wednesday (video below).

According to The Arizona Republic, Ronda Pearson, a woman from Phoenix who holds Coyotes season tickets, told Weiers:

I've seen you at games, so many games, a number of times sporting a jersey that looks just like this one with 'Mayor' on the back and a 'Number 1' on the back.

How much did you pay for your jersey? How much did you pay for your tickets for those games? Because I know I paid a hell of a lot more than you did. I support this team. You don't. You don't show up to games and pay for your tickets! None of you do!

Why were you at the Super Bowl? Because you didn't buy a ticket, someone gave you tickets. What happened to all the events that comes with the Super Bowl? The NFL moved them to Scottsdale because of you.

Pearson told SPORTSNET today about the reaction to her speech:

It’s very overwhelming. My Twitter has not stopped beeping. A lot of support. I haven't seen anyone or anything negative. Lots of people said I said what they were feeling. And that means a lot. The meeting was brought up at the last minute. I was at work, went home to get my jersey, and got there as soon as I could. I was late and that's why I was one of the last people to talk.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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