Ariel Winter Hits Gun Range, Fans Have Questions (Photos)

Ariel Winter Hits Gun Range, Fans Have Questions (Photos) Promo Image

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter surprised fans with several social media posts that showed her earning a gun safety certificate and testing various firearms at a Los Angeles shooting range.

Winter visited the Los Angeles Gun Club Sept. 10, posting about it on her personal Snapchat account, according to ET Online. During the outing Winter learned to shoot multiple firearms from trained professionals and received her Firearm Safety Certificate. Winter also posted a Snapchat that showed her licking a magazine.

Winter then added an image on her Instagram that showed her posing inside the Los Angeles Gun Club with the caption "preparing for the zombie apocalypse, obviously." Winter appears to be holding a pistol in a safety holster at her hip.

Winter, 19, is eligible to legally purchase a rifle or a shotgun through a licensed dealer in California, provided that she prove her identity, age and residency in the U.S, reports The Sun. Winter cannot legally purchase a handgun in California until she turns 21.

Several of Winter's fans were surprised to see an ardent supporter of former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who advocated for more gun control, to be having a good time around with firearms.

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"But as soon as a shooting happens, guns are evil right?" wrote one commenter. "Hypocrite."

"Holding them, do you actually shot guns and believe in the Second Amendment?" asked another, questioning whether Winter was actually trying to protect herself or just stir the pot. "Just asking because I know that Hollywood does one thing and says another."

Not everyone found Winter's display to be negative. Several commenters on her Instagram photo at the gun club were supportive of her choice to responsibly learn to use firearms.

"Strong work with training as well as standing up for a fundamental and natural right that is treated with disdain, hate and hostility by many in your line of work," wrote one, referencing the prevalence of anti-gun stances among actors in Los Angeles. "Commendable."

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"I don't follow celebs but after seeing this on Fox I knew I had to come and support another woman getting empowered to learn safety and shoot," offered another. "Go girl!! Sweet!"

Fox News compiled many supportive responses to Winter's Twitter post detailing her successful completion of the firearm training program.

Winter has been active in Hollywood since she was 7 years old, landing a role in a feature film before finding consistent work on television and in movies, according to IMdB. She remains best known for her role as Alex Dunphy in ABC's "Modern Family."

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