Ariel Winter Criticized For Dressing Provocatively (Photos)

Ariel Winter Criticized For Dressing Provocatively (Photos) Promo Image

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is making news for wearing ripped jeans and a skimpy crop top in an Instagram photo.

Winter, 19, who is seen wearing the provocative attire while posing under a forklift, posted the picture on Oct. 3, reports People.

"Do you actually go out in public like that?" one commenter asked on social media. "Have a little class!"

Another asked: "Hey girl, what is your problem? ... Go home to your hillbilly boyfriend."

Winter is not alone in embracing the ripped-jean look, which is so trendy that the Re/Done jeans brand has an entire "A*s Rip" collection.

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The other half of Winter's attire also represented a hot trend, according to Us Magazine. The celebrity magazine cited Emily Ratajkowskil, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Belle Throne and Kourtney Kardashian as famous faces who helped the "underboob" fashion trend catch fire over the course of 2017.

As for Winter, the forklift photo wasn't the first time she has posed with the lower halves of her breasts revealed. In September, she did it while wearing a cut-out crop top, and in May she used a gold cutout mini dress to similar effect at a "Modern Family" event.

Winter is accustomed to getting criticism over her fashion choices, People observes. After controversy erupted over photos of her wearing super-short cutoffs at a supermarket in September, the actress defended herself in a lengthy Instagram post:

Something I wish people would realize…I am not TRYING to be featured on Snapchat, I am not trying to be pap’d everywhere I go, I am literally just LIVING and unfortunately, I can’t do that without paparazzi following me around everyday. I’m not trying to show you my a*s in shorts when I go to the grocery store. I’m trying to live my life. People wear shorts. People have wardrobe malfunctions. No one is perfect.

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I’m not a stylist! I don’t know what to wear everyday so I look “appropriate” or “fashionable.” Also, screw having to always look appropriate or fashionable. For what? Society? Who gets to decide what is appropriate or fashionable? I wear what I like and no one should fault me for that…

And just because I DECIDE to show my body occasionally doesn’t mean I’m unintelligent or that I’m talentless or that I have no self respect. I have EXTREME respect for myself, I HAVE talent, and I AM intelligent. We need to move on from this stigma that women who are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality are just “dumb sluts.”

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