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'Are You Color Blind?': Woman Paints House Blue, Gets Angry Note From Neighbor (Photos)

A Seattle woman was shocked when she found a note taped to her front door, criticizing the new paint job and overall decor of her home.

Katie found the note as she was leaving for work on Nov. 5. She posted a photo of the note on Reddit later that evening with the headline “Making new friends in my neighborhood,” Fusion reported.

The note reads, in part, "Are you color blind?????? ... There goes our property value ... Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly. Shame on you."

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“Absolutely surprised to receive it,” Katie told Fusion. “We don’t really know our neighbors that well — past a 'hi how are you.' But we haven’t had problems before.”

Katie said she’s lived in the neighborhood for four years. She provided a before and after photo of her home to give some insight as to what may have caused the disapproving note.


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Several Reddit users commented on Katie’s post, making suggestions to further irritate her neighbor.

“Pink flamingos. Pink flamingos everywhere,” wrote one user. “Perched on [toilets]. Add a 60s era [Camaro] with no wheels on blocks to the driveway, and the image will be complete.”

Another user suggested putting a bench press station in the front lawn, while another thought Christmas decorations year round would add a nice touch.

As for Katie, she seemed mostly amused by the whole ordeal and ready to move on.

“I just hope this doesn’t escalate!” she wrote.

Sources: Fusion, Reddit / Photo credit: Fusion


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