Are Snipers Guarding The Mysterious Area 51? (Video)


A video (below) shows two unidentified lookey-loos inspecting what they believe is a secret rear entrance to Area 51, a covert U.S. Air Force base in the Nevada desert.

In the video, the two men believe they spot a sniper on a hill aiming a gun at them, notes the Daily Express.

"What is that?" one man asks.

"It looks like a sniper man," a second man replies.

The first man says, "If they're not holding some kind of incredible items [at Area 51], why do they have what looks like guns?"

"That is where the cammo guys are watching this from," the second man adds.

"I didn't think it was as extreme as they say it is," the first man states. "We have been to every other gate and this is the only one that says use of deadly force."

The men film a warning sign that says it is a restricted area, stating that the "use of deadly force [is] authorized."

The men decide to entice the "sniper" by walking past the sign, one-by-one, while the other films.

The men then walk back to their motorcycles as they opine about a possible jamming device being used on their cellphones.

Andre Milne, who started the defense technology firm Unicorn Aerospace, told the Daily Express on July 6:

Area 51 is a very well secured US Air Force base that is mandated to test and evaluate the performance of experimental and or classified U.S. military aircraft.

Area 51 is a highly-secured facility for the painfully obvious necessity to restrict any and or all witness observations of the classified aircraft and the advanced performance evaluations away from the multitude of individuals and governments that want nothing but to undermine U.S. National Security.

Milne added that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will not be allowed to send a fact-finding team into Area 51 if she is elected.

Sources: Daily Express (2) / Photo Credit: MacADVentures/YouTube

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