Arabian Mare Wows Horse Lovers (Video)

Footage of the Arabian mare Pepita has bowled over viewers with the racehorse's pristine coat and graceful trotting. The prized horse is valued at an astonishing $1.6 million (video below).

In a viral video touting Pepita's prowess, the Arabian mare gallops across a lush field, its white coat spotted with flecks of gray. The majestic animal has the distinction of being the Polish National Senior Champion Mare, according to Shareable.

The racehorse is clearly well-trained and graceful. When the Arabian beauty breaks into a gallop, she is reminiscent of a noble steed from fairytales and legend.

In August 2015, Pepita was sold at the Pride of Poland Arabian Horse auction for a whopping $1.4 million, Horsetalk reports.

To put Pepita's impressive price tag into perspective, the second highest-selling horse at the same auction cost under $750,000.

In 2014, Pepita handily won at the Polish Nationals with a score of 94.5, earning her the title of National Champion Senior Mare.

The Pride of Poland auction is held at a state-run farm in Janow Podlaski, Poland. Established in 1817, the farm has been a celebrity destination for over a century.

"Janow simply has the highest reputation in the entire world," European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations President Jaroslav Lacina told The Daily Beast.

In 2016, the farm underwent controversy after a newly-elected conservative government fired the state-owned property managers amid accusations of financial malfeasance. During the tenure of a replacement manager, two Arabian mares died while under the farm's care. Shirley Watts, a British breeder who owned the two horses, sued the farm for their deaths, according to the Associated Press.

Anna Stojanowska, one of the managers who had been fired by the Polish government, believes that the personnel change heavily damaged the farm's reputation.

"In one hour, we were all gone, and by all accounts, the people they've chosen to replace us with aren't capable of running the operation," Stojanowska said.

"And then two of Shirley's horses died," the former manager added. "We have world class horses from all over the world that come to Janow. Do you think they want to keep their horses in Poland in these circumstances? If I was in their place, I would take my horses back."

While the future of the Janow Podlaski farm’s reputation is currently uncertain, there is no way to blemish the beautiful sight of Pepita showing off her stride.

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