Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Being Called 'Sexist'


A Tennessee anti-drunk driving campaign is stirring up controversy for what some are calling an insensitive message.

One of the messages says: “After a few drinks, the girls look hotter and the music sounds better. Just remember: if your judgment is impaired, so is your driving.”

“I think it’s wildly inappropriate,” Tiffany Cannon told WBRC 6. 

She reportedly first saw the message on coasters that were left at Charlie Bob’s bar where she works as a server in Nashville, Tennessee.

Another coast includes a message that mentions buying a drink for a “marginally good-looking girl.” On the back it reads, “If this sounds like something you would do, your judgment is impaired and so is your driving.”

“It was just putting men and women down,” Cannon said.

According to WBRC 6, the Governor’s Highway Safety Office is responsible for the entire campaign, funding the flyers and coasters for $77,000.

The Highway Safety Office has since made a public apology for offending anyone. They intend to pull the campaign throughout the entire state.

Tennessee State Rep. John Ray Clemmons has called the governor’s office to comment on the campaign.

“Quite frankly, I was furious,” the Representative said. “It’s inexcusable, it’s inappropriate and it’s offensive.”

According to Cannon, the campaign is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

 “The government should not be spending $77,000 to put its people down,” she said.

Source: FOX, NewsSentinel

Photo Credit: WCNC, LocalMemphis


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