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Anonymous Good Samaritan Pays For Firefighters' Groceries

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Two firefighters in Illinois got a surprise when their groceries were paid for by an anonymous good Samaritan.

Bolingbrook, Illinois, firefighter Ryan Klavohn, along with colleague Dave Zelinkski, were picking up groceries on June 24 morning when they got an ambulance call and had to leave behind their cart at the store.

They responded to the call and returned later to pick up their groceries, but had to leave them behind again when they got another ambulance call.

“It’s not uncommon that we have to leave and come back but by now it was our third time there,” Klavohn said. “We went to pick up the groceries and they told us someone paid for all of them. After being confused for quite a few minutes, we saw a very nice note.”

The note, written by an appreciative, anonymous donor, thanked the two firefighters for the work they do and said it was their “pleasure” to pick up the tab for their groceries.

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“It’s not only surprising and humbling, but the fact that someone took their hard-earned money and spent it on us is inspiring,” 31-year-old Klavohn told reporters.

Now, he and his fellow firefighters are trying to carry on the generous donor’s message and spread kindness by helping the community. 

“We are so thankful to whoever this was,” he said. “It’s just a testament to the great people in our community that we have the privilege to serve.”

Sources: ABC News, Bolingbrook Patch

Photo Credit: Patch, Wikimedia Commons


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