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Anonymous 'Former Marine' Picks Up Lunch Tab For Washington State National Guardsmen

A Tacoma, Washington, soldier says he would like to find a former Marine who picked up a lunch tab for him and his buddies.

“If I track him down, I'd love to buy him a meal or buy him a drink to say thank you,” Brian King told KIRO News recently. 

King said he and some fellow soldiers from the Washington Army National Guard were finishing up lunch at Uncle Buck Fishbowl & Grill on Monday when the waitress brought the bill to their table saying it had been paid in full. 

She handed them the tab with a handwritten note scrawled on it. 


It was signed, “FORMER MARINE.”

For security reasons, King said, he and his friends weren’t wearing uniforms, but somehow the anonymous man recognized them as soldiers. He told KIRO he recalled nodding once at the man who was sitting in the corner.

King posted a photo of the note to his Instagram account.

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“Every time I think that no one cares that I'm a Soldier or about my sacrifice,... Someone redeems my faith in society,” King wrote under the username sgtseahawk. “Thank You ‘Former Marine’ for your Sacrifice and generosity! HOOAH!!!”

Other Instagram users chimed in, thanking King for his service as well.

“I just saw this on a news app, it is amazing and almost brought tears to my eyes,” wrote user derk_tylr. “Thank you for your service, my grandpa is a retired SFC.”

“We do care and we do appreciate your sacrifice!” said user apetermann. “Please don't ever forget that.”

King told KIRO the ex-Marine’s friendly gesture is something soldiers often do for one another. 

“This Marine really knows what it means to take care of our fellow service members,” he said. “We pay it forward often to service members who are underpaid for the work, time away from loved ones and the others' sacrifices that they have stepped up to do voluntarily.”

Sources: KIRO News, Instagram: sgtseahawk

Photo Credit: Instagram: sgtseahawk


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