Anonymous Customer Leaves $2,000 Tip At D.C. Restaurant (Photos)


A regular customer at a popular Washington, D.C., restaurant, who requested to remain anonymous, left an astonishing $2,000 tip on a $93 bill for the restaurant staff.

Chris Nardelli, the owner of Blue 44 in D.C., told WUSA 9 that the generous customer came in to the restaurant on Monday and ordered gumbo, which he reportedly did often. The anonymous regular ordered a couple of quarts of the gumbo to go, which totaled $93, according to Nardelli. For being a loyal customer, Nardelli said his staff offered the order to the patron free of charge.

Instead, the customer paid full price for the food and included a $2,000 tip to be split between three staff members. Chef James Turner received $1,000, according to instructions written on the bill, while the bartender, Laura Daley, and Nardelli receied $500 each.

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According to Nardelli, restaurant staff often seeks the anonymous customer’s opinion on new beer and food selections.

Sources: WUSA 9, Eater D.C.

Photo Credit: dc.eater.com, Helen B via Yelp


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