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Angry Woman Yells At Her Upstairs Neighbor Over Noise (Video)

A video (below) of a woman yelling at her neighbor for being too loud recently went viral on the web.

The YouTube video was originally linked to the social media site Reddit, but the man who uploaded the video, YouTube user "Philgood Davis," claims he has no connection to the Reddit used who linked it.

According to, the 63-year old woman confronted Davis about his alleged noise on the floor, which happens to be her ceiling.

In the video, the woman assures Davis that she hates him, calls him a "white boy," accuses him of stomping, uses profanity, says she has a gun and claims she is willing to go jail.

At one point, the woman's adult son has to hold her back. He tries to peacefully take over the conversation, but his mom continues cursing.

Davis made a response video (below) further explaining the situation from his perspective. Davis admits that he could have handled the confrontation better, but says he was trying to lighten up the situation with some jokes.

Sources:, Reddit, YouTube (2) / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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