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Angry Neighbors Pen Letter Complaining About Single Dad's 'Intolerable' Child

A couple became frustrated with their living situation because of one noisy little neighbor, so they decided to write a letter to a single father in the hopes of silencing his “intolerable” child.

The disgruntled couple, identified only as “Chris and Denise, unit 17,” claim the whiny boy living above them in No. 34 was “so loud” it could be heard as far as the entrance of the apartment complex’s underground car park, in the car park and across the communal pool area, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the note, which was posted on social media, the couple, who are believed to be from Sydney, Australia, has been living beneath the apartment of the single father and his child for four months.

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Chris and Denise said they were not the only ones who had noticed “something wrong” with his child.

“We live, a lot of the time, with our doors and windows shut, our fans up high and even the air conditioner on trying to drown out your child’s whining,” the letter read.

Chris and Denise tried to soften the blow of the letter by writing: “We empathize with single parenthood and think you are an extremely patient and tolerant father, but our patience and tolerance have been sorely tested and come to an end. We would prefer not to complain to the management and hope you can fix the problem before we are forced to.”

Social media users were divided on the issue, with some offering advice to the father whose friend posted the letter on Facebook.

Some people told the single dad to ask Chris and Denise to "f*** off," while others said they understood the couple’s frustration.

This isn’t the first time an angry neighbor has penned a letter complaining about a child. In April, we reported on an Arizona mother who got an anonymous letter from her neighbor, asking the woman to keep her laughing child quiet or limit his playtime outside to 20 minutes or less.

Sources: Daily Mail, Opposing Views

Photo Credit: Dani Vázquezdadblunders/Flickr Creative Commons


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