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'I'm Older Than You Are': Woman Gets Into Fight With Kids Playing Outside Her Home (Video)

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An angry woman was caught on video demanding that a group of pre-teens in her neighborhood stop playing in the court in front of her house.

In the video (shown below), the woman is seen attempting to move a net away from the court and over to presumably one of the kids’ yards. Though the kids tell the woman that they have the right to play in the neighborhood court, she insists that they move elsewhere and even threatens to call the police.

“Go play in your own yard. You have a yard, play in it,” the woman said. She demands that the children stop playing in front of her yard and “making a racket.” The kids maintain that they weren’t in her yard and rather in the neighborhood court, but this just angers the woman more.

“If you’re going to be in the court, then we get to be in the court,” one of the kids says. “Is there a law that says we’re not allowed to play in the street?”

“The law doesn’t say you can harass me,” the woman replies.

As the argument continues, the woman again instructs the kids to leave the area, to which they reply that she can’t tell them what to do.

“I can tell you what to do,” she replies, “because I’m older than you are.”

"Could you go into your house and take a nap?" one of the kids quips. "You need one, you're being really crabby," another adds.

Eventually, the woman relents and goes back into her house.

"That's how you win a battle," one of the kids says as they celebrate their victory. "You don't leave."

Response to the video on Reddit was overwhelmingly supportive of the kids and their right to play in the community court.

“She's just an old, bitter, hateful, self-loathing woman with a lot of free time and 50+ years of built-up anger, so yelling at people who enjoy themselves is a release,” Stan1 said.

“If you argue with children and win, you are still a child. If you argue with children and lose while dressed as a purple sea monster and you end up on YouTube... I don't even know,” DunkinMoesWeedNHoes added.

“If this bothered her so much she should of tried to come to a compromise with the kids not argue and grab their property,” Thefoxdetective said.

Watch the confrontation below.

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