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Angry Man Verbally Abuses Elderly Grandfather For Accidentally Bumping Into Him (Video)

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An elderly grandfather was verbally abused by a man on the street after he reportedly bumped into him by accident.

In a video (shown below) posted to LiveLeak, the elderly man was seen surrounded by a group of people – reportedly family members that included his grandchildren – as the angry man yelled at him and threatened to fight him.

“You shut the f**k up, I’m standing up for myself,” the man says to a woman standing next to the grandfather.  

“You threatened me, assh**e,” he says to the grandfather. “You got in my f**king face.”

“You’re right, I threatened you. I’m 80 years old and I threatened you,” the grandfather sarcastically replies. The confrontation continues as the angry man confronts the bystander filming the video behind them.

“We’ve got this on YouTube. They’re f**king recording this,” he said. “I’ll be on YouTube. F**k YouTube, I don’t care.”

At the end of the video, the elderly man turns to the camera and acknowledges the intense situation that was playing out.

“Moron,” he said. “I’m 80 years old and he’s going to fight me.”

Reaction to the video on LiveLeak was mixed, with some questioning whether or not the elderly man did something to provoke the argument before the camera started rolling.

“Can't really comment if you don't see the physical contact. The old man could've been the prick,” Mma Piglet said. “We have no idea what happened,” HeavensPunisher added.

Despite the lack of context, many viewers said the angry man simply shouldn’t have threatened an elderly man – regardless of the reason for it.

“No matter what the 80 year old did, bumped him or whatever, he didn't need to go on and on like that,” Nonad said.

“People don't realize how important respect is in society, its the backbone of a civilized society, this guy is nothing but scum," Galavanta added.

Watch the intense confrontation below.

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