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Angry Man Discovers His Car Submerged In Mall Parking Garage Flood (Video)

Richard Spikerman was outraged when he found his car submerged by floodwater in a parking garage at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego on Jan. 7. He was filmed by CBS News 8 cursing in a video (below) that has since gone viral.

"I was fuming to say the least by that time," Spikerman told the news station on Jan. 8. "And standing in that cold smelly river was the last straw."

Spikerman added that security did not tell his mall employer, The Cheesecake Factory, that people needed to move their cars.

"It was all about them not doing their job right that really got me upset," Spikerman added.

The clip of Spikerman cursing was broadcast and bleeped on late night TV shows, but he was not aware of his new-found fame.

Spikerman's insurance company did get him a rental car, but he's going to have to buy another vehicle. The Fashion Valley Mall would not comment.

Fox 5 reported that several cars were trapped in the same parking garage on the night of Jan. 5 when rain caused the San Diego River to rise from 2 feet to 12 feet.

The water went from the river into a lower level lot, which was still flooded the next morning.

Sources: CBS News 8 (2), Fox 5 / Photo Credit: CBS News 8 via YouTube Screenshot

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