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Angry Grandpa Destroys TV Over Super Bowl 50 (Video)

A video (below) of an "angry grandpa" destroying a TV set during Super Bowl 50 has gone viral with more than 1 million views on YouTube in two days. notes that the grandpa handled the Carolina Panthers' loss on Feb. 7 worse than Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

In the video, the grandpa expresses his anger over the game, slams the TV to the floor and proceeds to smash the appliance with various tools and pieces of furniture.

The video was posted on "TheAngryGrandpaShow" YouTube channel where several commenters said the video was staged:

"it is a prank. They probably planned to buy a new TV and what better way to get views than to have a Super Bowl freak out?"

"it is a smart way to make money though. the money they get from all the views could easily make up for that tv. It was so obvious that this was fake qause michael was filmen at the exact right moment and the exect right angle xD."

"You young kids dont realize that these vids are scripted. Meaning that its all planned out before hand, just like the pranks. In other words, michael, and grandpa and bridgette sit down before the vieo and discuss whats going to happen. Then they just act it out and count the dollars rack up. And on top of it, you stupid kids send him gifts and money in the mail too. Its really sad that our youth are doomed. Kids who think this is real have no business on the net. That is fact."

Sources:, TheAngryGrandpaShow/YouTube / Photo credit: TheAngryGrandpaShow/YouTube

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