Angry Driver Threatens To 'Pull Trump' On Cyclist (Video)

An angry driver was caught on video (below) making threats, anti-gay slurs, cursing and saying he would "pull Trump" on a cyclist in Corona del Mar, California, on Aug. 10.

In the video filmed by the unidentified cyclist, Robert Lewis can be heard allegedly making threats: 

Come on, f-- with me! What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Huh? Put it on tape? Surfer against a queer, huh? Is that what you’re gonna do, tough guy? You wanna be a tough guy You’re not so tough right now, are you? You’re not so tough are you small guy? You’re a short little guy. You're a tiny little man thinking you're a big shot.

The cyclist tells Lewis to call the police, informs him that he (Lewis) is not following the law and quotes the traffic ordinance, but Lewis keeps taunting him, notes the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I oughta smack you so f------ good," Lewis states. "If there wasn’t any witnesses, you know what I’d do to you? I’d pull Trump on you."

The cyclist asks Lewis his name, and Lewis says, "My name is your worst enemy, motherf------. My name is your worst enemy. I’m your huckleberry, buddy. I’m your f------ huckleberry, you short little punk."

The two then argue over the bike lane, which the cyclist said Lewis had blocked.

The cyclist asks Lewis again for his name, and Lewis replies: "My name is your worst enemy. You f------- short little f---- f------."

Lewis then appears to challenge the cyclist to a fight, and mocks him for refusing to take the bait.

"You're a p-----, that's why," Lewis states.

The cyclist points out the bike lane, but Lewis gives him the finger and states: "See this? This means you're a f------- dead man walking. You come on to my f---- land, OK? You're a f---- dead man."

One day later, after the video went viral on Facebook and YouTube, Lewis publicly apologized (video below).

"I'm just an old surfer, knucklehead, and I do apologize for using the words that I used," Lewis told KCBS.

"Yes, I’m very embarrassed," Lewis added. "I'm on the news right now saying, 'Hey I screwed up. I screwed up.'"

The Newport Beach police are investigating the incident.


Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, KCBS / Photo Credit: Mark Friis/YouTube

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