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Angry Driver Caught On Camera Knocking Motorcyclist Off Bike (Video)

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A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike after the driver of a BMW next to him became angry when the biker yelled at him to stop texting while driving.

Samuel Ayres, the biker, captured the video while riding to work on March 26 (video shown below). In the description, Ayres said the ride began as a “typical commute,” with drivers cutting him off and not paying close attention to their surroundings. As he pulled up to a light, Ayres said he noticed a man in a BMW convertible texting and talking on his cellphone. 

“Put down your f**king phone! You’re in your car,” Ayres shouted at the driver.

“Even after he honked at me, much to my surprise, I kept my cool ... I didn't flip him off or get into his face, however much I wanted to,” he wrote in the description. When the light turned green, Ayres went through the intersection and made his turn. 

Suddenly, the BMW comes up behind him and follows him aggressively for a few blocks before moving parallel to him in the center lane and swerving his car. Ayres is knocked off the bike, and the BMW driver continues down the road.

“Aside from a significant amount of bumps and bruises, I suffered a severe concussion (bad enough for me to forget what day, month and year it was and knocking all memory of the past week out of my head), two hairline fractures in my left shoulder and a broken left foot (which would require surgery),” Ayres wrote. 

The driver is reportedly under criminal investigation, meaning that Ayres is unable to pursue compensation for his injuries. He subsequently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for medical bills and expenses, which raised nearly $2,500 in less than a week.

Watch the collision below.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

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