Angry Dad Accuses Drone Operator Of Filming Kids In Public Park (Video)


A YouTube user with the handle "Jonathan Hair" posted a video (below) on Aug. 16 of an unidentified angry dad confronting him for flying a drone over a public park and allegedly filming children. The video has over 700,000 views.

In the video, the dad tells Hair not fly his drone over the kids, but Hair insists that he is not flying the drone "anywhere near the kids." The dad quickly realizes Hair is filming him, and starts filming the drone operator.

After the dad stars recording, he asks Hair again if he is filming kids with his drone, and Hair says the kids might be incidentally on his camera "in a public place."

"A little girls' soccer team, you might incidentally be filming," the dad fires back.

Hair confirms, and the dad sarcastically says, "Oh, that's great."

Hair asks if he has committed a crime, and the dad replies, "Uhh, you know what, as a father, I don't like people recording kids' practices ... I find it creepy."

Hair continues to deny that he was filming the kids' practice, but the dad says, "Well, you were hovering over their practice."

The dad says he doesn't want his daughter being filmed, and Hair tells him to feel free to call the police if a crime has been committed. notes: "Had the man called the police, he would quickly have found out that no laws were broken, even if the drone user was in fact recording children in public, as they have no expectation of privacy."

Hair and the dad then go back and forth over where Hair's drone was hovering.

The Daily Mirror notes that Hair informed the dad that he has GPS logs to back up his statements.

"Just keep on filming little kids, if that's what you're into, if that's what your hobby is," the dad snipes at Hair.

Eventually Hair walks over to his drone, and the dad drives off in his car.

Hair shows viewers at the end of the video his purported GPS logs that show where he was flying, the location of the kids' practice and the angry dad's position during the drone flight.

Sources: YouTubeDaily Mirror, / Photo Credit: Jonathan Hair/YouTube Screenshot


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