Is 'The Angry Birds Movie' Anti-Immigration? (Video)


'The Angry Birds Movie' has been accused of having an anti-immigrant theme. The movie is about a group of green pigs who come to the birds' island in peace, but are actually there to steal the birds' eggs (video below). 

In its review of the film, wrote: "The Angry Birds Movie is both the equivalent of a screaming five-year-old and a regressive piece of American propaganda. Out of all the films I’ve seen this year, this is the one I least expected to have an anti-immigration and an eye for an eye message underneath it. But it’s actually happened. Angry Birds is now a metaphor for the September 11 terrorist attacks."

The review goes on to state: "Essentially, the film is a metaphor for America being a walled-off island of sunshine, the happiness of which is threatened by outsiders until they have the daylights bombed out of them and order is restored. It is skin crawling that beneath a film as stupid and superficial as this that it could have such a toxic message. What starts as a story about tempering your anger devolves into a revenge mission aimed at children too young to remember the careless outcomes of 9/11."

The white supremacist site saw the same message, which is why it recommends the film: "'Angry Birds' is actually a cautionary tale about #refugeeswelcome ... As it turns out, the pigs are only at the island to eat the eggs of the birds. Using explosives (much like another group of refugees, one which really doesn’t like pork), they blow up the houses of the birds and steal the eggs." happily concludes: "There’s no moment where the two tribes learn that they actually are the same. They are just enemies. Good guys win, bad guys lose, and we have a few laughs along the way."

Rotten Tomatoes, the film review aggregating website, ranked the film at a below average score of 43 percent, per mainstream critics' reviews.

Sources:,, Rotten Tomatoes / Photo credit: Angry Birds/YouTube

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