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'Angry 20-Year-Old' Denied Alcohol, Doesn't Tip Server (Photos)

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An “angry 20-year-old” decided not to tip a restaurant server because they wouldn’t let him drink beer.

The supposed 20-year-old posted a photo to Reddit of his restaurant bill, with $0.00 written in the tip line. Along with the photo was a caption that explained why the young man decided not to tip his server.

“This is why you don’t deny me a Yuengling,” the caption read. 

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“Oh soooooo mean of them to not serve a minor... sometimes Reddit just makes me realize that there are a lot of people out there who just don't have their heads screwed on correctly,” one Redditor wrote in response to the photo.

“As a server, I'd rather get stiffed than lose my job. Good job sticking it to the man, buddy,” another added.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Wikipedia, Imgur


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