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Anchorwoman Issues Response To Body Shamer Who Called Her 'Mighty Big'


Memphis, Tennessee’s Local News Anchor for WREG-TV, Nina Harrelson had been facing a lot of negative comments from body-shaming users. Body-shaming users had been around since a long time, and the internet still continues to linger on self-decrepitating comments that permeate social media as well as in everyday life.


On a Twitter post shared by Harrelson, a man had told her: "You look mighty big on TV," where she wrote "That's what a complete stranger said to me. FYI - journalists are not models... And I can assure you, none of us want to hear your opinions on our bodies.”


She also said: "We are not your eye candy."

On the same post on Facebook, Harrelson also wrote in another comment the description of the interaction in more detail.

"The sad thing is, this guy said this to my face and was completely shocked when I told him that's insulting and not an acceptable thing to say to anyone," she continues on.


On her statement to Today, she said: "And then that person sent a separate letter to the production staff telling them not to do close-ups of me because I'm so ugly."

Albeit Harrelson agrees that she’s become immune to these kinds of negative comments toward her body figure, she knows that the younger generation of the industry might not take the words kindly of what others might say. "I feel sorry for the young women breaking into news who will have to deal with that kind of criticism, which their male colleagues will almost certainly never face."

"People need to understand that we're not serving ourselves up on a silver platter for you to dissect every aspect of our body," Harrelson states. "We're here to present the news."

Sources: Shape / Photo Credit: Nina Harrelson, Twitter/Nina Harrelson

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