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Game Show Contestant Shot With Flaming Arrow (Video)

Viewers of the popular game show, "America’s Got Talent," witnessed the terrifying moment when a contestant accidentally shot her fiance in the throat with a flaming arrow (video below).

The incident occurred during a live broadcasting on August 2, TMZ reported. Canadian stunt man Ryan Stock had a bullseye attached to his mouth for his fiance, AmberLynn Walker, to hit with a flaming arrow.

But when Walker fired the shot, she missed her target and struck her husband-to-be in the throat. Host Nick Cannon assured viewers that Stock was “checked out,” and appeared to be fine before cutting to a commercial break. Sources close to the show said Stock was OK, but a bit shaken up after the incident.

Simon Cowell, the show's executive producer, spoke to US Weekly about the failed stunt.

“I’ve heard he was OK, but this has never happened before,” Cowell told US Weekly. “We always kid that they need to make it more dangerous, but then this happens."

'I thought it was part of the act, but then I realized this was bad," he continued. "I just had a feeling, they looked nervous before they started. But he's OK.”

Stock had previously swallowed an electric drill and balanced a chainsaw in his mouth on the show.

Sources: TMZ, US Weekly / Photo Credit: America's Got Talent/NBC via US Weekly

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