Americans Don't Know Supreme Court Nominee (Video)

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" aired a new "Lie Witness News" segment on March 16 in which people in Los Angeles were asked about the new U.S. Supreme Court nominee (video below).

The late-night talk show didn't ask people about the real nominee, Federal Judge Merrick Garland, but rather used George Harrison, Sammy Hagar, L. Ron Hubbard and Whitey Bulger to show that people don't know who the real nominee is, notes Mediaite.

One woman was asked about Bulger, a notorious mob boss, and stated, "I hope he can make it. I know that the Republicans are going to attack him. I've seen that this morning."

The woman was asked about Bulger's criminal past -- he is currently in prison -- and she replied, "It'll be OK, we all do wrong."

A man was asked about Harrison, the deceased Beatle, and stated, "I think he'll do great. He has the most accomplishments of any Supreme Court nominee ever, from what I heard, 18 years. So, I think he has the bones to do the job."

The show asked a second woman about rock star Hagar, and she replied, "I feel that the motions that he is for and the laws and things that he wants to change, and everything like that, I think that he would be a good candidate for the role."

A third woman referred to deceased Scientology founder Hubbard as a "good choice" because he is more of a Republican, which matched her political stance.

"I was pretty content with that choice," she added.

The fake reporter then asked her if Hubbard's idea of replacing swearing on the Bible with an E-meter -- a Scientology device "is a good idea to read people's thetans [Scientology phrase for immortal spiritual beings] before they testify."

"Umm, I would say yes," she replied. "Not everyone swears on the Bible and believes in that."

A fourth woman was asked if she thought Tyrion Lannister, a fictional character from "Game of Thrones," would "bring peace to all seven kingdoms or he will be a divisive figure?"

The lady said that Lannister would be "divisive" because people are fighting for kingdoms these days.

Sources: Mediaite, Scientology.org / Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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