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Americans Can't Answer Basic Questions About 4th Of July (Video)

Mark Dice, a self-identified media analyst, recently asked people in San Diego, California, some basic questions about the 4th of July (video below).

“What country famously broke away from England to start their own country in the late 1700’s,” Dice asked a young man, who replied “I have no idea man, I don’t know.”

One woman told Dice that the 4th of July was a "day that we overtook the South, and it's a day that umm, it's our independence."

When questioned by Dice, the woman confirmed that she was referring to the Civil War.

A second woman told Dice that the Declaration of Independence was signed by Abraham Lincoln in "1964," which she later changed to "1864."

Several more people were unable to answer questions about America's independence from Great Britain, others just walked away.

One man on vacation from Italy correctly answered Dice's question.

A Marist poll of Americans found in 2011: "Only 58 percent of residents know that the United States declared its independence in 1776. Twenty-six percent are unsure, and 16 percent mentioned another date."

Marist added: "[A]bout one in four Americans doesn’t know from which country the United States declared its independence. While 76% correctly cite Great Britain, 19% are unsure, and 5% mention another country."

Sources: YouTube, Marist
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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