'American Sniper' Fans Mad At Bradley Cooper


Actor Bradley Cooper was slammed by some conservative fans of the 2014 film "American Sniper" for attending the Democratic National Convention on July 27, even though he is a longtime supporter of the party.

The Daily Beast notes that some conservatives saw Cooper on TV and expressed their anger on Twitter:

"People are upset that Bradley Cooper who played Sniper Chris Kyle is a democrat."

"I have a list of celebrities that support Socialism I refuse to spend another $ on. Add this one. Boycott them all."

"Bradley Cooper is promoting Hillary? Too bad. He's dead to me now."

USA TODAY noted more tweets:

"Bradley Cooper at DNC?! Guess I've seen my last Bradley Cooper movie. Ewww Ick."

"Repubs never thought #BradleyCooper was anything but liberal. They r disappointed that his intricate study of Kyle's life taught him nothing."

"People being upset Bradley cooper who played the American Sniper is not a republican is like me being upset he is not a real space raccoon."

"People being mad at #BradleyCooper for having different political beliefs than a role he played is proof we need to invest in education."

"News flash: Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a robot and Julia Roberts is not a prostitute #BradleyCooper #gop."

USA TODAY reports that Cooper donated money to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2000 for her Senate campaign and unsuccessful 2008 run for the presidency; he is also a supporter of the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence.

In response to the tweets, The Daily Beast snarked:

You see, many Republicans were under the impression that Bradley Cooper bled red because of his riveting turn as the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle in the blockbuster film American Sniper...

First off, kids: Movies are not real. TV shows aren’t, either. Bradley Cooper also played an anti-Semite who ends up in a body brace after trying to suck his own d--- on Nip/Tuck, but I’d venture to guess this does not resemble the man IRL.

Sources: The Daily Beast, USA TODAY / Photo credit: C-SPAN via Nat Shupe/Twitter

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