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Trump's Birthday Card To Wife Sparks Conspiracy Theory (Photos)

Social media users pointed out something strange about President Donald Trump's birthday card to First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump took to Twitter on April 26 to wish his wife a happy birthday, reported. The birthday card featured an American flag.

But some Twitter users noticed something different about the American flag on Melania's birthday card.

"This is so weird: The American flag on ... Melania Trump's birthday card only has 39 stars," wrote Huffington Post reporter Christina Wilkie. She credited the discovery to Twitter user Lindsey Rosenthal.

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The current design of the American flag features 13 stripes and 50 stars. Each stripe represents one of the 13 original colonies that declared independence from Great Britain, while the stars represent each state in the country.

The number of stars has increased throughout the years as more states entered the union. However, the official American flag has never featured only 39 stars.

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In 1877, the flag had 38 stars. This flag was used for 13 years until it was updated again to include the five states that joined the union within that time frame.

America had 39 states for a brief moment in 1889, when North Dakota and South Dakota joined the union on the same day as the 39th and 40th states, respectively.

According to The New York Times, an American flag with 39 stars was mistakenly created at the time.

"The 39-star flag was instantly obsolete on July 4, 1890, when five states were added to the Union," read a description of the flag, which is being sold on the website's store.

"In 1889, flag manufacturers tried to work ahead and erroneously believed the two Dakotas would be admitted as one state and other statehoods would be delayed for months. Both Dakotas, Montana and Washington were admitted into the Union in November 1889 and Idaho was admitted July 3, 1890."

The description added that the 39-star flag never became official, but instead became a collector's item.

Still, Twitter users provided alternative theories that could explain Trump's use of a 39-star American flag.

"How many states are in the 9th circuit?" wrote one user. "Asking for a friend."

"Yes how many states went blue vs red again?" wrote another. "Mostly kidding but at this point."

"But yes, there appears to be a JPG of a 39 star American flag floating around the West Wing," added Wilkie. "Staffers, beware. Delete that email."

"How soon before we find out a 39-star American flag is some sort of alt-right meme?" quipped another user.

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