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Amazing Viral Clip Shows What Happens When You Pour Milk In Coca-Cola (Video)

If you ever wondered what would happen if you poured milk into a bottle of Coca-Cola, wonder no more because a viral video shows the unexpected results (video below).

The video, which is over a year old but recently resurfaced online, shows the amazing effect that the milk has on the Coke. An hour after the milk is poured in, a brown deposit sinks to the bottom of the bottle while the top half is a clear liquid.

While it may seem to make little sense, Steve Spangler Science, a blog and science website, explains via The Huffington Post that it’s a simple process.

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“The separation happens because of a reaction between phosphoric acid and milk,” the website explains. “Phosphoric acid molecules attach to the molecules of milk, increasing the density and separating them from the rest of the liquid. The remaining liquids, having less density than the phosphoric acid and milk molecules, floats on top.”

Take a look for yourself at the amazing end result of mixing milk and Coca-Cola.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Viral Viral Videos / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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