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Amazing Transformation: 'Can't Even Tell He Is The Same Dog' (Video)

Forget any "before" and "after" pictures you have ever seen: Augustus the dog takes the cake for the most dramatic transformation ever, captured in a heartwarming video (below).

Concerned citizens began contacting the Heart of Alabama: Save, Rescue, Adopt (HASRA) shelter about a dog that they had seen wandering the Northwest Alabama neighborhood in very bad shape, according to HASRA's Facebook page, Augustus 2.0, dedicated to the pup's recovery.

The sightings were sporadic, so it was hard to track him.

Finally, with the help of a good Samaritan who started watching and feeding the canine, HASRA was able to capture him on May 18 and bring him to the vet.

When Augustus first showed up at HASRA, it is an understatement to say that he was in terrible shape.

The underweight dog suffered from severe mange, worms, and ear infections. Instead of fur, the dog's coat was covered in a thick crust of skin irritations that reached all the way to his eyes, making him look like The Thing from Fantastic Four.

The border collie, a breed that is known for having a thick, luscious coat, was virtually unrecognizable. However, he started to improve slightly after rescuers gave him antibiotics and a much-needed bath.

"It peeled off like potato chips — layers and layers," one worker said of his scabs in the video.

Even though he was clearly in severe pain, Augustus was sweet throughout the whole ordeal and always trusted the shelter workers, letting them take good care of him.

As the antibiotics started to take effect and cure his mange and several other conditions, he started to improve, slowly but surely, always trying to give kisses to the people who took care of him.

Eventually, he was able to grow back a thick, smooth black and white coat, in shocking contrast to his "before" pictures.

In early July, Augustus found his forever home with some humans, a dog named Layla, and a cat. According to pictures and videos on his Facebook page, he enjoys hiking with Layla, going for a swim, and sleeping on the couch.

Sources: Facebook, Youtube / Photo credit: Facebook


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