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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Exposes Cheating Husband's Secret Second Life

A cheating husband was exposed after he was tagged in a video that was posted on Facebook of him doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with his second wife.

British man Andrew O’Clee, 36, was living two different lives.

In one life, he was married to Michelle, 39, a woman he met in 2000 and married eight years later. They were about to have their first child together, reports Daily Mail.

O’Clee told Michelle that he was involved in a fraud case and had to enter the witness protection program. He said he had to live in a safe house for long periods of time and could not have any contact with her for his own protection and hers.

But O’Clee was not in the witness protection program. He was out living his second life with Philippa, a woman he met in 2011 and began an affair with.

O’Clee forged divorce documents to marry his second wife while his first wife was having their first child. The bigamist even showed up five hours late to his child’s birth, left after cutting the umbilical cord and asked for a paternity test.

For four years, O’Clee lived this double life until his web of lies finally untangled thanks to a Facebook video posted by his nephew.

O’Clee was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by his toddler nephew. The video was posted online and captioned: “Auntie Philippa O’Clee and Uncle Andrew.”

Michelle saw the incriminating video. She also found pictures of O’Clee’s illegal second wedding and quickly reported it to the police. O’Clee was arrested in August in 2014.

In court, Michelle called O’Clee’s actions a “violent betrayal.”

“I lived like this for a year and six months,” Michelle said. “When I went into labor he was five hours late to the birth. He cut the cord and left again. He said the police were waiting outside to take him to safety.”

She continued, "The day I found out about the bigamy was the day my world fell apart and the violent betrayal unfolded. To add insult to injury he instructed me to take a paternity test."

She says when she thinks back, she wonders why she trusted her husband. She wasn't allowed to discuss him with her friends and she says she eventually became paranoid.

“Looking back I feel completely stupid and naive for not thinking something was wrong. I believed my life was in danger,” she says.

The court was told that O’Clee forged divorce documents to show his family so they would believe he had divorced Michelle. The family then happily attended his second wedding.

“You began to develop a complicated and absurd lie. All of which was a complete nonsense but it enabled you to lead a double life," Judge Christopher Parker told O'Clee. “The question is, why on earth would you do it? You are a shameless liar, happy to have as much comfort where you could find it.”

His attorney, Patrick Duffy, defended his client’s behavior.

“It’s hard to answer,” Duffy said. “He has abandonment issues. When he was 15 his mother and father broke up.There isn’t a day that goes by when he doesn’t regret the stupidity of his actions.”

Duffy added that Philippa, 30, wished to continue her relationship with O’Clee, The Telegraph reported.

The bigamist is expected to serve half of his prison sentence in custody. Michelle is believed to be living back at home with her parents in New Malden, Surrey.

Sources: Daily Mail, Telegraph UK

Photo Credit: Supplied Via Telegraph UK


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