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Allure Magazine Receives Backlash For Afro Hair Article Featuring White Model

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The Internet is not happy about Allure’s new Amazing Hair tutorial, which some have accused of cultural appropriation.

The feature in Allure’s most recent issue includes several retro-inspired hairstyles from the 70s and a tutorial for each. One of the styles is an Afro – however, Allure used a white model with naturally straight hair to show off the hairdo.

Marissa Neitling, star of the TNT show "The Last Ship," modeled the hairstyle in the editorial called "You (Yes, You) Can Have An Afro."

As Buzzfeed pointed out, the Afro was used during the American Civil Rights era as a symbol of black pride and protest for equality. The Root noted that the look is more like a “twist-out” and not an Afro, which Allure casually misnamed.

“I see that Allure magazine is now jumping into the cultural appropriation game,” Kristen Muldrow, a Twitter user, wrote. “If you need ‘steps,’ it’s not a fro.”

Other social media users also criticized Allure for featuring only white models in the editorial, in addition to using only white models throughout most of the magazine.

“This is a perfect example of when a staff has no diversity on their team to tell them to rethink their delivery,” AfroChicas, an Instagram user, wrote. 

In a statement written to Buzzfeed, Allure acknowledged that the Afro has a rich cultural and political history. The magazine also noted that hair can be a form of expression to reflect the country’s current events.  

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Sources: Buzzfeed, The Root

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


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