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Allen West Shares Photo Of Sign That Slams Obama, Iran Deal (Photos)


Former U.S. Congressman Allen West shared a photo of a sign slamming President Obama for the controversial nuclear deal with Iran.

West’s post went viral soon after it was originally shared, garnering over 65,000 shares and almost 100,000 likes on Facebook. The post criticized President Obama for the nuclear deal while also criticizing his advocacy for for gun control in the wake of the killing of four U.S. marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

“Obama Trust Iran With Nukes But Not U.S. Marines With Hand Guns,” the post read.

Response to the post was mostly in favor of the sign’s message, though some took to Facebook to argue that law that regulated gun carry at military bases was not passed under Obama, despite the criticism.

“This law was put into place in 1992 by the DoD, under George H. Bush presidency. Why is this Obama's fault?” one reader commented. “Do any of you read or seek real answers to questions? Why do you read a headline and take it as fact?”

“It's not Obama. It's the DOD policy since the eighties. They call it, not him,” another wrote. 

Do you agree with the sign’s message?

Sources: Facebook, Young Conservatives / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flicker,


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