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Alleged Scandalous Sasha Obama Photos Released (Photos)

Controversial photos of Sasha Obama, the president's youngest daughter, uploaded on Oct. 1 have taken the internet by storm.

In the pictures, a girl who looks like 15-year-old Sasha is seen allegedly holding a red plastic cup with captions reading, "Taking shots with Sasha," and, "When Sasha Obama is at your party," Radar Online reports.

Sasha is reportedly also wearing a tiny grey crop top revealing a glimpse of her black bra underneath while donning tight jeans.

The photos were originally posted on social media, but have since been removed.

Her parents have not yet commented on the pictures.

Although it's Sasha's first scandal, it's not the first time this year the Obama daughters have sparked controversy.

Sasha's older sister, 18-year-old Malia, was photographed smoking pot in July and a bong in September.

Malia is on a gap year before starting as a freshman at Harvard University in 2017, The New York Times reports. She was accepted in what is considered Harvard's most selective cycle in history.

Still, despite her academic accomplishments, the images of the partying teenager sparked controversy, with some calling the pictures embarrassing for America.

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"When you’re the daughter of America’s president, it is important to be a role model to millions of young teens," an opinion piece on The Political Insider read. "You’re in the public eye and held to a higher standard. But the Obamas have no class. That’s why, just like Michelle Obama, Malia just embarrassed America in a big way!"

However, others did not see the big deal and thought it was a private matter rather than a public concern.

"Raise your hand if you were ever 18 years old?," an Aug. 12 article on Red Eye reads. "All of you? Great. Keep them up if you can say your dad was the President of the United States. Pretty much none of you? Cool. Well, welcome to the world of Malia Obama and the Presidential children who have come before her."

"Our teenage and young adult years are for exploring, living and learning," she later added. "To paraphrase one of my favorite rappers, can Malia live?"

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