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'Too Bad That You Were Only Wounded': Hateful Note Found On Marine's Car

An Iraq war veteran reportedly found a hateful note on the windshield of his car after going shopping Thursday morning.

Usually when people see a veteran, they thank them for their service. That wasn’t the case for this local Marine who found a hateful letter on his car while shopping at a local Queensbury store in New York, according to News 10.

The anonymous letter read:

[I] see you have a purple heart sticker and Iraq war veteran sticker. It’s too bad that you were only wounded, the world would be a better place if you were killed. All of you islamaphobes vets deserve to die!!

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The general public was appalled with the letter.

“It’s just shocking,” local resident Ann Lanoir told News 10. “It’s just ignorant. That’s the way I feel. I feel like some punk wrote it.”

“Makes me sick to my stomach,” added Navy veteran Robert LaPrairie. “To me, it’s an act of terrorism really.”

The news station showed the letter to Lt. Steven Stockdale of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to determine if the author could be facing any potential charges. Stockdale said it is illegal to leave a note on a windshield but added that the biggest disappointment here was that the author thought it was okay to write such a letter.

“Communication these days has gotten very easy for people who want to stay anonymous,” Stockdale said. “And it takes a lot more courage to strap on an 80 pound pack and go to the Middle East and fight for your country than it does to scribble on a note and leave it cowardly behind on somebody’s windshield.”

Unfortunately, letters of this nature are not uncommon. Fox News recently reported about another war veteran, Matt Zeller, who was the victim of an anonymous hate letter back in April.

That letter read:

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a murderer if you ‘served’ in Afghanistan. I hope you watch your child starve and die in front of you, as you have done to the people of Afghanistan.

Zeller had a simple response for the anonymous author.

“I have no problem if you disagree with the war and my service,” he told the news station. “That’s your right, I went to war to defend that, but leave my child out of this.”

Sources: News 10, Fox News Insider

Photo Credit: Screenshot from News 10


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