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Woman Refused Service Over Police Misconduct

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A Pennsylvania customer claimed that a Party City employee refused her service because she was shopping for a dead police officer’s memorial ceremony. 

Karly Lane went to Party City in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania to buy a dozen blue and black balloons to honor her friend, Robert GoGo Jr., an officer who was killed in a motorcycle accident. She claims that when she told the clerk what the balloons were for, the clerk refused to support a police officer and would not serve Lane any further, according to WPXI.

"How can you not support a police officer? It doesn't matter. They don't know my brother. They don't know what kind of man he was. They don't know what he did in his job. It just hurts," said GoGo’s sister Jennifer Martino.

"We support all police officers," a manager at the Pleasant Hills location told WPXI. Party City's corporate offices released the following statement in regard to the incident:

Party City is committed to our customers and the community. Corporate management is looking into the matter to uncover what transpired and will take action accordingly.

Party City is not the only major chain where an employee refused service to a police officer.  According to Blue Lives Matter, an employee of a Florida Walmart recently refused to serve a police officer looking to purchase some items while in uniform. 

Sources: WPXI, Blue Lives Matter / Photo Credit: Party City

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