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Mom Of Autistic Boy Thanks Apple Employee For His Caring Actions In Viral Facebook Post


An Apple store employee is being praised on social media for his act of kindness towards a young special needs customer.

LynnMarie Rink was shopping for an iPad with her 9-year-old son, James, at the Apple establishment in Green Hills, Tennessee, on Jan. 21 when something outside the store caught the youngster's attention, according to WKRN. The boy tried to run out of the store but crashed into a clear glass wall instead.

"He smacked himself right into that wall," Rink told WKRN. "The sound was horrific and he fell flat over and then hit his head again on the floor."

Although James did not sustain any serious injuries, he was disoriented for a while and couldn't get up off the floor.

Rink was consoling her son when a young employee, Andrew Wall, walked up to them and asked if the boy was all right.

"Andrew just came over and sat down and he just looked at me and he just said, 'What can I do for you?' He might as well have given me a million dollars," Rink told WKRN.

Rink asked the employee if she could finish the transaction on the floor so as not to further upset her son.

Wall agreed and sold them the iPad while they stayed on the floor. He also put the iPad into a protective case that Rink had brought along for her son and sat down on the floor next to James to show him how to use the device, according to the Tennesseean.

The boy, who has autism and Down syndrome, uses an iPad to communicate.

Wall's act of kindness went viral after Rink posted a message on Facebook thanking him for his good deed.

"Life is a learning journey," she said in the Jan. 22 post. "And I walked away from this experience with the reminder to always meet people where they are at."

The post has garnered more than 18,000 likes and 9,000 shares in four days.

Posters writing in the comments section congratulated Wall for embodying the spirit of the Apple organization.

"As a fellow Apple employee from the other side of the ocean this is the reason we go to work," one poster wrote. "We love our customers and we love to help."

Rink, who has written and performed a one-woman show about raising a child with special needs, wrote in the comments section of the same post that she was trying to get the employee featured in the "Be Kind to One Another" segment on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A publicist for the show told the Tennesseean in a Jan. 25 email that Wall's act of kindness has been brought to the attention of producers, who are considering it for the show.

"I began working at Apple in hopes of having fulfilling moments like this," Wall, a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, wrote to Rink in response to her thanks. "My hopes are to work within the realm of youth counseling. Thanks again for making my day!"

Sources: WKRN, Tennesseean, LynnMarie Rink/Facebook Photo Credit: LynnMarie Rink/Facebook

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