Stranded Motorist Denied Service, Accused Of Panhandling (Video)

A black man walked into a Toledo, Ohio, gas station to buy a few dollars worth of gas for his stranded vehicle. However, the two white cashiers in the gas station accused him of panhandling and refused to sell him any gas.

Hedmac Goolsby was in the gas station at the time and witnessed the incident take place. He began recording a Facebook live stream shortly after the encounter began.

Goolsby explained what happened on the live stream.

"He needed five dollars. [I said] yeah man, I put five dollars [in] your car," he said. "She gonna call him a panhandler. This old racist a** b**** won't let him get his gas. ... And I won't leave."

During the stream, one cashier and the motorist can be heard arguing as the man pleads with the woman to let him buy some gas. The cashier still refused, however, and according to the Atlanta Black Star, would not even look the man in the eye.

Goolsby then turns the camera to the motorist, who is trying to reason with the cashiers once more.

"This is ignorant though, dude," the motorist says. "It's not like I'm doing anything wrong. I'm not standing here talking about breaking nothing, doing nothing. All I'm trying to say is, can I get some gas? Y'all want to try and make it seem like I'm trying to bother you people and I'm not!"

The argument continued for several minutes while Goolsby and other customers waited for police to arrive to diffuse the situation.

Another customer tried to talking to the cashiers as well, telling them to simply sell the man some gas so that he can "get out of your store."

When police arrived, Goolsby spoke to the officers, who told him that, technically, the businesses can refuse service to anybody they want, but that he and the other customers should file formal complaints with the gas station's corporate office. Goolsby said that he plans to do just that and that he wants to shut the gas station down.

Sources: Atlanta Black StarHedmac Goolsby/Facebook / Photo credit: Hedmac Goolsby/Facebook

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