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Alex Jones Furious At Baldwin For Trump 'SNL' Sketch (Video)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones expressed his rage against Alec Baldwin and challenged the actor to a fight on March 13 because of a "Saturday Night Live" sketch that aired on March 11 (videos below).

Baldwin did his Trump impression in the opening sketch about earth being invaded by aliens: "Actually, the aliens are already here. They've been hiding in this country for hundreds of years. It's a fact. They're shape shifters, they look like regular people, but they are aliens."

Baldwin pointed out two black women as aliens, and was asked by Kenan Thompson where he was getting his information.

"From a very reputable source," Baldwin replied. "Infowars. It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones. We know he's legit because he's always taking off his shirt, OK?"

Jones fired back on his Infowars internet radio show on March 13, notes Media Matters:

Look at all those beta males. Alec Baldwin thinks he is a tough guy, I challenge him a million dollars to the charity he wants to get in the ring with me, bare knuckle. I will, I'll do it right now.

I'll get in the ring with you and I will break your jaw, I will knock your teeth out, I will break your nose, and I will break your neck. You coward, you think you're tough guy, messing with little cameramen people.

You want to sit there and defame me and the president? Get in the ring with me, I will break your jaw in seconds. I will smash your nose into a bloody pulp, and I will whack your teeth out. My fists are going to bleeding with your teeth marks all over them.

You frickin' bully, you coward. I hate you, my listeners hate you and remember that, scumbag, forever (laughs). We're going to defeat this anti-human scum, we're going to wreck their world. When I come back, we’ll look at the coward at Homeland.

Jones took a brief break and then returned to slam Baldwin again:

Oh, I was just joking when I said I would break Alec Baldwin’s back, or neck. I meant that metaphorically. Just like it's a joke when they say that I told Donald Trump black people aren't humans. How dare you?

Oh, I know you feel sorry for yourself when I make a statement like that, you'll probably be in the news, "Alex Jones threatens Alec Baldwin."

You can't get up there and say you learned from me that black people aren't humans, a**hole. Excuse me. Delay that. I'm just getting sick of these people, I really am starting to get tired of them.

Because I watched that five minute clip it took me 30 minutes to start and stop it -- I was eating jalapenos during the break -- and I'm sitting there watching this crap meant to create the destruction of our society.

And I’m not mad at Baldwin, and his cowardly writers because they are even attacking me. I’m sick of the world they are making for our kids.

Sources: Saturday Night Live/YouTube, Media Matters / Photo credit: Alex Jones/Twitter

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