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Alex Jones Crashes 'The Young Turks' Show (Video)

"The Young Turks," a progressive internet news show, was doing its live coverage of the Republican National Convention on July 21 when conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative, crashed the broadcast (video below).

Jones brought his own camera crew to film the interruption, which was tolerated at first by host Cenk Uygur, but soon deteriorated into a shouting match and a chaotic physical confrontation, notes RT.

Jones consistently put his hands on Uygur and asked if he liked Jones' "Hillary For Prison" T-shirts, which Uygur said he despised.

Jones tried to antagonize Uygur more by handing him a T-shirt with Bill Clinton's picture and the word "rape."

Uygur grabbed Jones' microphone, and announced that Republican nominee Donald J. Trump was accused of being a rapist in court papers.

Uygur then started arguing with Stone, who was off-camera: "And you're a sick dude, Roger Stone!"

Stone accused Uygur of being a liar, a claim that Uygur fired right back at him.

Stone has a long history of making false accusations and pushing debunked conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorist attack and presidential assassinations, as well as using derogative slurs against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and calling for her execution, according to

As Stone and Uygur argued, Jones repeatedly put his hands on Uygur and yelled in his face.

The picture faded to a logo of "The Young Turks," but the broadcast soon resumed. Stone came close to the set and called Uygur a "loser" and asserted that no one watches the show.

Jones tossed a Saudi Arabian insult at someone on the set, which caused Uygur to rip his own microphone off, stand up and get in Jones' face, "We're against Saudi Arabia, you dumb---!"

Chaos followed as people filled the set and the yelling got intense.

Jones told his version of the story on his website, which didn't mention that he crashed the show and repeatedly put his hands on the host:

Members of The Young Turks media organization had a meltdown at the RNC Thursday after being challenged to a debate by radio host Alex Jones.

Young Turks host Cenk Uygar went into an emotional breakdown shortly after being presented with a shirt featuring an image of Bill Clinton’s face combined with the word "rape."

Jones maintained a cheerful demeanor throughout the encounter before female anchor Ana Kasparian began shouting wildly to "get the f--- off the stage!"

The Young Turks crew immediately went into damage control as Uygar continued his tirade against Jones.

Sources: RT,, / Photo credit: The Young Turks/YouTube

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